Salute @l13lightindustrialworkshop ! Billy Childish The People’s Referendum: REES-MOGG Cretin or Complete C*nt? £30.00 Billy Childish returns to the cut and thrust of modern political debate with this brand new poster hand-crafted in the sweatshop of the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop. Released on the occasion of Rees-Mogg once again plaintively enquiring of the world ‘am I a world class cretin or just a complete c*nt?’ We can’t decide. Can you? Send your vote to and we will abide by the will of the people, publishing the results of this important referendum on the labelling and designation of this world class CRETIN or C*NT . . . YOU BE THE JUDGE. Designed by Billy Childish Produced at the L-13 Light Industrial Sweatshop Stamped and numbered edition of 31 48 X 35 cm ALL PRINTS COME FOLDED AND HAND-DISTRESSED AT NO EXTRA COST

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